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Specialists in non-destructive concrete scanning in service & utility location

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Non-destructive concrete scanning

Concrete Core Drilling

Concrete Chasing

Services and Utilities Locating

Concrete Testing

Bollard Installations

Safety Shower Testing

Hot Tapping

Concrete Scanning

We accurately and effectively perform concrete investigations and evaluations. We can offer a site mark-up or  a comprehensive and detailed report including analysis of our findings.

Concrete Core Hole Drilling

We provide concrete core drilling with minimal disruption. Our technicians are proficient at working in a variety of areas and conditions, including those with limited access or confined spaces.

Concrete Chasing

We specialize in creating precise channels and grooves within concrete surfaces to accommodate electrical wiring, conduits, and cables.

Concrete Testing

We can verify engineering designs for existing slabs, foundations, beams, columns and walls in real-time and with no physical disruption to structures or site.

Utility, Pipe and Service Location

Using state of the art technology we can help you identify the location and depth of these objects before any excavation begins, potentially saving you thousands in damages and repairs. Our pipe and cable locating service ensures this does not occur, and that your project is able to get underway quickly

Safety Bollard Installations

We supply and install bollards to your specifications. NOt only are bollards used for  businesses but now due to the rise on car thefts, bollards are great to protecting your pride and joy from theft.  Contact for more information

Shower Testing

Have a leak.  Contact us for more information

Welcome to National Concrete Scanning.

National Concrete Scanning are industry specialists in non destructive concrete scanning and service location, concrete core hole drilling and chasing.

Our fully trained technicians will locate objects within most concrete structures and provide indepth feedback and reporting to minimize risk of assett damage and simplify your modifications.

Our skilled technicians can also provide service and utility location, allowing you to get a clear picture of where your gas, electrical, telephone and water services lie underground before you dig. Thus reducing the risk of costly repairs and insurance claims as well as ensuring the safety of all those on site.

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